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If you want to transfer Audible audiobooks to an android device or MP3 player, you need to unlock the Audible audiobooks and convert them to DRM-free MP3 format.

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Mac OS X 10.8 - 10.14.6

How to Convert Audible AudioBooks to MP3 using Audible AudioBook Converter?

AudioBook is perhaps the latest type of book today. It is a virtual book that literally tells you the story through audio that is why it is also known as the talking book. It is highly in demand not only for kids but also for adults who can no longer read, and even for those who just want to experience reading a book easily and differently. Parents love it because it is absolutely entertaining for the kids and at the same time educational, they also play these books while relaxing, and while doing any other task. It is certainly perfect for those who want to be more productive while consuming less amount of time.

However, if you a Mac user, you probably experienced getting error message from all files from your computer when you play it into a different device. It is because those files that you have downloaded in iTunes using your Mac is secured by them, you will not be able to play it on any other device unless you download it again and this is absolutely annoying and waste of time. Great thing there is Audible AudioBook Converter for Mac. This software uses the most advanced technology in converting your files to any type of audio format that you need so you can play your AudioBook anytime and in any device.

Some of the advantages that you can enjoy if you choose Audible AudioBook Converter for Mac are:

1. Remove DRM protection from Audible AudioBooks

This software is designed to eliminate any digital rights from iTunes during the entire process of Audible conversion. It removes DRM protection so you play your Audible AudioBook even on an android device. No need to download you favorite files again, all you need is Audible AudioBook Converte, and you can absolutely enjoy your AudioBook in all your devices.

2. None techie people are welcome

It is not only simple to look at but it is easy to use as well. No need to be super techie just to operate this software because you can convert Audible AudioBooks to MP3 fast, easy, and hassle free with this awesome software.

3. All format supported

It supports almost all types of audio format. Those format include FLAC, AAC, MKA, M4A, MP3, AIFF, and many more. So you can absolutely play it on android and any other device with different operating system.

Here is the step by step process of how to convert Audible AudioBooks to MP3 on Mac:

1. Install and Launch the software

Once installation is done, open it and iTunes will be opened at the same time. On the right of the window, Choose the Audible files that you want to convert by ticking the checkbox. Note: Make sure that the latest version of iTunes is also installed on your Mac.

Convert Audible to MP3

2. Select output format and output folder

On the bottom of main interface, Go to "Output" to select MP3 as output audio format, and then go to "Folder" to choose a destination folder for saving the output MP3 files.

Select Output Format

Tips: You can also customize the output settings such as codec, audio channel, bit-rate, sample rate, and etc.

3. Start to Convert Audible AudioBooks to MP3

3. Click on the "Convert" button on the top of the window. Then the program will pop up a converting window. All of the selected Audible AudioBooks can be converted one by one, you can check the task process here. After conversion, you can explore the destination folder by clicking the "Explore Save File" on the converting window.

Convert Audible AudioBooks to MP3

When the conversion is completed, you can transfer unprotected Audible files into an android device or any other media player for enjoying. AudioBook Converter for Mac is certainly the fastest and easiest way to convert your Audible audiobooks. Not only it provides the fastest conversion speed but it also ensures that the quality of your Audible files is perfectly retained. No need to download multiple applications just to convert Audible AudioBooks to MP3, because all you need is one.