AudioBook to MP3 Converter

Easily convert audiobooks from the Audible format and iTunes to more universal formats so they can be played on devices that don't interface with Audible. Fully compatible with the latest iTunes 12.6.
Support Information

We are so excited to announce the release of AudioBook Converter for Mac V4.6.0, which is compatible with macOS Sierra 10.12 and iTunes 12.6. If you have updated your OS X to macOS Sierra and iTunes to 12.6, please download and install the AudioBook Converter for Mac V4.6.0 here.

In addition, AudioBook Converter for Mac V4.6.0 does not work with iTunes, so you need to upgrade your iTunes from to version However, worth noting that iTunes requires a manual download and update, if you ask it to check for updates, or use the App Store updater, it doesn't update from

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